A new breed of urban digital flagship stores

At the click of a button, the showroom's content adapts to the customer's personal needs and dreams, creating a customized customer journey based on his or her profile.

Display Area

Video walls connected to Narrowcasting system controlled by sale person. Ability to show (based on the chosen model and customer profile):


Models videos

Technology explanations

Sale proposals

Web content

Live broadcasts

On click presets


Touch screens with the manufacturer's or a CLARITY SMART configurator. Customers can configure vehicles on a 1:1 scale on video walls. They can start at home and continue at the showroom – or vice versa.


Touch screens

High end visualisations

Personal catalogs


Social integrations

Ai reports

Virtual Reality

A host of interactive digital technologies that allow customers to virtually test drive their new car. It's a whole new way of living the dream.

Sales Area

A sales area with video walls or a table screen that accesses personal showroom content (configurations, videos ext.), thus maintaining customer engagement, prolonging user experience and stimulating the senses with exciting visual content essential to purchase completion.


Technology explanations



Sale proposals

Models videos

Model Storytelling

A narrowcasting system that manages all media files relevant to each model (promotional films, technology films, feature films, 360 and sales promotions) via tablets, and enables content prioritization in accordance with customer profiles and the sale process.
The system is based on presets (model, process, days, customer profile, hours, etc.) or on-demand projection for the variety of showroom display tools.


Model storytelling


Tablet control

Auto sync

Cloud management

Smart Backbone

Visualizations and overall experiences are great, yet something even greater is taking place in the background.
The showroom collects the data that the users interact with and forwards it to the organization, in order to personalize customer content.


Customer & Configuration profiles

Interaction process

Payments methods

Campaigns & Marketing

Showroom content

Sales proposals



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