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We accompany leading brands in joint initiatives, creating a bold advantage over competitors and a quick but sustainable adaptation to a changing market.


Micro DifferentiationStrategies


Micro-strategies that interface with the organization's long-term strategies and are applied to contemporary tasks that require a radical differentiation approach and immediate response.


Our differentiation strategies are used when the organization needs to grasp a quick advantage over its direct competitors or execute a significant move with an agile and original approach.


Our differentiation strategies are embedded in powerful digital tools to optimally meet the organization's goals. We make sure to use the latest technologies, allowing our customers to integrate them into the organization in an informed and effective way.

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Our differentiation products have been developed with years of experience and a deep understanding of the market. They contain a winning combination of strategies that have proven themselves in realizing an inspired vision and achieving an undeniable advantage over the competition.

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The Hive’s

At the Lab we invite strategic partners to join us in projects and initiatives that realize brand and community engagement strategies

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Our services put our experience to work for you when you need to give a final touch of differentiation to existing strategies.

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