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Not everything new is different, but everything different is new.

Hive was first established in 2000 by Shmuel and Yael under the name 'Zeus Multimedia' and provided leading brands in Israel and Europe with the tools and methods to transition from the offline to the online world.

Since then, we have opened up to new markets and maintained superiority in understanding the latest technologies and utilizing them with innovative methods to benefit our customers.

The Team

Shmuel Ben Shimol


Specializing in innovative experience solutions based on advanced technology and radical strategies. With a proven track record of creating organizational start-ups in new market niches. More than 20 years in the car market.

Yael Shatz


Specializes in formulating action-inducing strategies for audience engagement. With a proven track record of combining technologies, art, and science to cultural and commercial ventures. More than 20 years of brand engagement solutions.

Inna Porat


Specializing in digital design for an effective and innovative user experience. With a proven track record in understanding customer needs while building strong long-term relationships.

20 Years

Of Innovation in the Automotive Industry

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Dealer's Websites

Innovative, informative, experiential, and interactive dealer's websites.


Dashboard-like content architecture

Pop-ups with animated illustrations of technologies (Hive's development)

Segments & models according to customers profile

High visualization of multiple viewing angles


Product Configurators

Advanced configuration system for dealers and manufacturers, Hive's development.


Segments & models

High visualization of multiple viewing angles

High visualization of internal and external accessories & packages

Drage and drop assembling

Alerts that follow the knowledge of an experienced salesman

Personal catalog


Model Launches Minisites

Interactive campaigns that motivate the target audience to action at the launch of new models.


Interactive information about the model

360 viewing

Register a test drive

Invitation & registration to the event

Direct contact with sales personnel

Yamaha R1

Yamaha TMax


Online Dynamic Catalogs

Enables accessories dealers to offer an innovative online shopping experience.


Advanced filter

Stock availability

High-quality viewing

Order online

Arnav Energy


Service Websites With Configurators

Dealers's Websites with complete customer service and full vehicles and accessories configurator.


Advanced Search

Agents & Care Points

Accessories configurator

Second Hand

Financing calculator

Customers club

Personal customers pages

Filtered promotions


Configurators at Sales Points

Web configurator for sales personnel  that enable to assemble, see and choose from all the available combinations.


Advanced Search

7 viewing angles for each vehicle and accessory

Drag and drop assembly

Notifications for each accessory and combination packages

PDF of my vehicle

Volkswagen configurator



Online & Social game with a bespoke visualization. For car manufacturers - Hive’s start-up.


Design, Build, Customize & Collect cars

Store the configuration in virtual surroundings

Share and Get feedback and ratings

Compete and play games with other participants



Online & Social trade gaming system - Hive’s start-up.


Trading arena



Personal Dashboard


Smart Showrooms

A new breed of urban digital flagship stores.
Connecting to the digital journey of potential customers and inviting the future generation to play, choose and dream.


Located in city centers

Vehicle configurator

Accessories configuration

VR Experience

Data saving and analysis

Control system for screening promotional videos according to the audience in the store

Continue customers’ previous actions


Yamaha Motors Smart Showroom

The first year of operation:
70% - Increase in sales
140% - Paid from the original price
76% - Achieved conversion rate


Gives the audience a customized experience.

Matches the level of information to the online tools - no more customers who are more knowledgeable than salespeople

Enlarges the target audience reachable.

contains a unique data processing theme to benefit the manufacturer's marketing, sales, and production departments.


Smart Presentation System

For the easy production of a variety of organization presentations - custom tailoring for organizations whose activity is based on ongoing fundraising.


Content flexibility without losing the stunning look and feel

Adjust the content easily in real time according to the meeting progress

Full navigation bar in rich multimedia content

Design that fits offline and online for easy use in any platform needed

Andretti Autosport


Clarity App

Configurator and real-time guidance for sales personnel.
Analyzes customer profiles and guides the sales personnel to offer the best-fitting models from existing inventory.


Stay as knowledgeable as your customers

Know what to say at any given time

Emphasize the right features for each customer

Have access to key sales tactics

Stay informed of sales and inventory goals per product

Have access to competitors’ data

Have access to financial data relevant to the customer

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