Presentation System

Custom-made presentation system

Custom-made presentation system to generate high-end multimedia presentations that cater to diverse business goals and all organizational needs. Based on HIVE09's extensive experience in creating memorable, goal-attaining presentations.


Usage of unique graphing means to transmit data and information clearly.


A short opening video that is shown before the start of the presentation in order to attract the viewers' attention and put them in the right atmosphere

Navigation System

The full navigation interface for presentations allows access to all types of content on demand and not in a hierarchical manner. As needed, the interface enables the presenter to dive into relevant and expanded content in real-time and control the meeting/event dynamics as needed without breaking the sequence and without artificially exiting the presentation.

Impact Clips

Short clips aimed at attracting the viewer's attention and creating an unusual wow effect. These clips are integrated into our unique presentations or displayed independently.

Dynamic Content

Control all the content in presentations easily and quickly by copying or dragging various media to adapt and edit the presentation easily and quickly without the need for prior knowledge or external help while maintaining the presentation structure, navigation processes, and unique visual experience.

Story Cast

Use of "actors" who accompany the presentation throughout, and their purpose is to maintain a narrative sequence.


Build unique and consistent micro-animations throughout the presentation for an experiential and friendly display of complex data


Development of micro-interactions that enable an exceptional yet delicate user interface experience

Export Options

Publishing the presentation in various formats for different uses such as pdf for sending by email and printing, video for continuous viewing on the web, a show for a live performance in front of an audience, and more

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