Customer Journey

Customized Sales Experience

Customized Sales Experience with a groundbreaking visual configurator based on customer profile segmentations that incorporate a real-time training system for sales personnel.

Customer Profile Based Experience

Every customer looks for different things in the same vehicle. The system automatically adjusts the content presented to the customer, in accordance with his or her customized profile and dealer/salesperson goals and objectives.

Sell What Needs To Be Sold

An innovative visual configuration that allows dealers to focus on new and used vehicles in stock, based on their goals and objectives. The system offers seamless adaptation to manufacturer data.


Customer profile based

Inventory based

High End visualisation

Full segmentation


Finance configurations

Personal proposals

Personal catalogs

Access via tablets & touch screens

Interactions based

Ai reports

Multi brand CMS system

Storytelling At Its Best

The configurator combines vehicle information with seamless vehicle configuration to create a unique storytelling narrative for each vehicle, based on individual customer profiles.


Profile based

Vehicles highlights

Full media experience


Connection to narrowcast system

Personal proposals

Lights & sound

Full vehicles details

One system

Salespeople Need Sales Precision

A visual training system for salespeople that contains all dealer vehicles, filtered in accordance with customer profiles.
Data is presented as an information layer, which is viewed by the salesperson as the relevant media is shown to the individual customer. Content is aligned both with the customer’s profile and the dealer's goals, using key selling tactics to help sales reps know what to say and when. It's razor-sharp sales precision.


Real Time Training

Self Paced Training

Inventory Based Training

Sales Rep Eyes Only

Customer View Sync

Progress Monitoring

Smart Backbone

Let the system work for you. Integration with the dealer's internal systems (crm, erp, etc.)
A reporting system that allows the dealer to receive real-time data regarding customers' interactions, interests and system choices.
High-level focused content, in accordance with customer preferences.
Improved dealer decision-making, in accordance with inventory management, marketing and sales offers.
Enables dealers to manage inventory (colors, models and accessories) according to customer preferences, thereby increasing conversion rates.


Autonomous data management

User preferences

Cloud based management

Support system

Assistive journey

Clear ui

Dark mode

Manufacture based data

Full app sync

Be On Top Of Your Game

The system's unique features enable dealers and sales reps to measure their performance in real-time, against designated goals and objectives.
These features include dashboards with an “eagle eye” view of customer interactions, sales, inventory and much more, which are designed to help dealers make quick and efficient decisions.


Dashboards user

Dashboard  vehicle

Dashboard sales

Dashboard executive

Dashboard dealer

Dashboard intrest

Dashboard leads

Dashboard widgets based

Real time updates

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