Internal Organization Presentation

Large companies often need to show their new employees their organizational structure and describe various work regulations. This is quite a challenge. At HIVE09, we feel that orientation decks serve as initial and crucial connectors between the organization and its employees. That's why we pay attention to visual representation that is easy to understand and encourages human connection. We create orientation decks that display data via infographics. We make sure to display the appropriate information, which is crucial to making a lasting first impression based on mutual interests and respect.

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Orian's employees begin their journey with a sense of security, belonging and connectiveness. This tool saves Orian's executives tons of time and energy.

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Chapter Screen
Informative Screen
Informative Screen
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Make every item on the screen play a part in the story.

Motion Clips

Opening clip for excitement enhancement. Closing clip for leaving impact.

Navigation System

Easily navigate through your presentation content in accordance with meeting dynamics.


Capture the audience's attention right from the start.