Company Overview

Miloubar, one of Israel's largest and most experienced companies in the animal feed field, presents its activities to potential partners on a regular basis. The company's presentation is one of its central assets, and contains a wide variety of content that requires constant updating and maximum flexibility. HIVE09 rises to this important challenge, which is mainly centered around content architecture. The goal is to tell a story that can hold all the data together, compel viewers and leave room at the end of every meeting for reaching business objectives. To accomplish this, HIVE09 incorporates the smart navigation system, dynamic infographics and experiential videos that evoke emotion.

What We Did

Brand approach strategy

Content architecture




Compared to its competitors, Miloubar's company presentations are very prominent, and have succeeded in promoting significant international collaborations.

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Opening Screen
Navigation Screen
Chapter sSreen
Chapter Screen
Informative Screen
Chapter Screen
Informative Screen
Closing Screen
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Make every item on the screen play a part in the story.

Motion Clips

Opening clip for excitement enhancement. Closing clip for leaving impact.


Capture the audience's attention right from the start.

Dynamic Content

Control all the content in presentations easily and quickly by copying or dragging various media.